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                Cybersecurity Solutions for Government and Higher Education Institutions

                Provide services to citizens, employees and students without sacrificing cybersecurity

                Innovations with public cloud services, mobile apps and social media platforms make life easier for government agencies, but they all bring more cybersecurity issues.

                Governments and educational institutions house vast and diverse amounts of information on their networks, servers, and websites. Every day these agencies and institutions face persistent and advanced cyber threats that steal money and disrupt services, putting the public at risk.

                Protecting your data, managing risk, and meeting the mandates of compliance regulations are critical challenges for the public sector. Government agencies need to consider the ways their network vulnerabilities propose cybersecurity risks to them and their employees, the public and other organisations. Educational institutions need to consider how their cyber risks could affect their employees, students and the organisation itself.

                Moving forward, we all will need to take additional steps to protect ourselves, our identities and our information from a new global wave of cybercrime and cyberespionage. EdTech Magazine 2015

                To protect themselves, government agencies and educational institutions must assess their networks, vulnerabilities and the resources they have available to combat cyber threats. Raising the level of cybersecurity takes more than security devices. It takes security experts who have access to the latest threat intelligence to manage the technologies on their network and the skills to analyze and respond quickly to anomalous activity.

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