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                Selecting a Cloud MSSP Just Got Easier: Top 5 Criteria to Consider

                How to short list cloud MSSP's with proven track records that meet your firm's needs today and in the future

                After evaluating the strength in depth and cloud expertise of your IT and security staff, you also identify the need for third-party expertise to augment your current skills.

                What evaluation criteria should you consider when selecting a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) for the cloud? You need to consider criteria not only today, but also into the future as your cloud transition progresses over time.

                Top Five Evaluation Criteria for Selecting a Cloud MSSP discusses:

                • The five things to consider when selecting a Managed Security Service Provider for the Cloud
                • How to optimise your security effectiveness and move to the public cloud with confidence
                • How to identify the correct balance of security and cloud expertise

                Selecting a MSSP for the cloud requires you to assess your current environment and needs, as well as conduct firsthand research about viable alternatives. Many firms have popped up who have rebranded themselves as MSSPs and even cloud-centric MSSPs in order to compensate for the commoditisation of hardware and low profit margins. How can you evaluate not only which cloud MSSP is right for your firm, but also ensure that you are putting your trust in the right relationship and team with a proven track record?

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