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              2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights Report for Leaders

              Partnering to fight cybercrime

              2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights Report for Leaders Webcast
              Speaker: Alex Tilley & Dan Eden
              Available : Live online
              Duration: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM AEST

              In our “2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights Report for Leaders” report, we shared several key findings and observations from our client engagements and about the security industry. This webcast will cover our findings and observations but will also provide you with clear direction on where you need to focus your resources to evoke positive action in your security program.

              During this webcast our Counter Threat Unit™ e-crime lead, Alex Tilley, and Senior Incident Responder Daniel Eden will give their perspectives, observations and guidance through responses to a series of questions led by a moderator.

              You Will Learn About:

              • Our observations from our engagements and findings
              • How you need to rethink core security processes and operations
              • Whether the current nature and behaviors of the threat are evolving or staying constant
              • What the common attack vectors are and how to protect your organisation against the fundamentals of cyber-attacks
              • How to focus your resources from a tactical and strategic perspective

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