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                Red Team

                Designed to measure how well your organisation’s defensive and response capabilities will stand up against attacks from a simulated real-life adversary

                SecureWorks approaches every Red Team test as unique for every organisation.

                Our methodology is performed by the industry’s top security testers, based on thousands of worldwide engagements and customized for individual scope. Each Red Team test leverages our proprietary tactics and intelligence from the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit™ that is designed as blended attacks that combine various techniques to avoid detection and prevention including open source intelligence, phishing, wireless, and covert physical and network attack methods. This allows clients to improve detection and defenses, and to tune their existing devices to detect advanced methods.


                • Validate protections and monitoring around high-value systems 
                • Blended, covert test that can encompass network testing, phishing, wireless, and physical attacks 
                • Confidence in the assessment knowing that the latest threat intelligence and tactics from the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit™ were utilized

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