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                Governance and Security Policy

                Ensure business objectives are reflective of risk tolerance and that the resulting policies and procedures are accountable via a comprehensive cybersecurity governance framework

                SecureWorks Governance portfolio is designed to ensure an organisation’s security function does not operate in a vacuum.

                Our philosophy is to ensure that business goals, objectives and values are reflective of risk tolerance and the resulting business plans, security policies and procedures are accountable via a comprehensive governance framework. Our goal is to create organisation-wide accountability that can be monitored and measured for performance of aligning information security to business objectives in order to reduce risk.

                What do we help you answer?

                • How do we create policies around areas of risk? 
                • How do we define duties and get organisation wide buy-in for enforcement of policies? 
                • Is there a clear communication plan that specifies individual roles and responsibilities? 
                • Do we have adequate people and the right mix of skills to effectively execute? If not, how is it being remediated? 

                • Governance Framework Design 
                • Policy Development 
                • Policy Review 

                What are the benefits?
                • Strategic alignment of information security to business objectives 
                • Execution of measures to manage and mitigate risk 
                • Institution wide buy-in with effective resource allocation 
                • Measured performance, monitoring and reporting for continued process improvement 

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