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              Controls & Compliance Overview

              Go beyond regulatory compliance

              SecureWorks Controls and Compliance portfolio is designed to go beyond helping organisations check a compliance box or follow a standard approach to framework alignment.

              Our information security consultants assess and guide remediation of compliance gaps and assure that your organisation is focusing on relevance of controls, time and budget on areas that add the most value or reduce cyber risk. Consequently, your organisation not only meets regulations, but exceeds them, thereby simplifying management and control processes to minimise deviations and redundancies.

              What do we help you answer?
              • How does my organisation prioritise changes, review operations and implement regulatory requirement changes? 
              • What is our current level of compliance for required standards? 
              • If gaps exist, how do we prioritise and implement changes? 
              • What voluntary framework(s) should we use to gauge our overall security level maturity? 
              • What do we do above and beyond universal frameworks to address our own unique threat landscape/business risks? 
              • How are we measuring against framework controls such as NIST, CSC and ISO? 

              • Compliance Management Program 
              • PCI (Payment Card Industry) 
              • Controls and Regulations such as: 
                • NIST 800-53 
                • CSC (Critical Security Controls) 
                • ISO 27002 
                • ISA (Information Security Assessment) 

              What are the benefits?
              • Examines the organisation’s unique environment, architecture, operations, culture and threat landscape against industry standard frameworks 
              • Aligns compliance to organisation-risk and incorporates business processes 
              • Measures progress against mandates and achieves compliance standards 
              • Roadmaps areas of improvement and defines corrective action 
              • Justifies increased security investment and shows measurable success to Executive Management and the Board 

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