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                Cloud Incident Response Services

                Prevent, Detect and Mitigate Threats in Your Cloud Infrastructure

                Although cloud providers have strong infrastructure and physical security, breaches have occurred on the enterprise client side due to training gaps and supply chain vulnerabilities.  Cloud computing users are still responsible for data and application security.

                Don’t go it alone. We offer proactive and reactive Incident Response Services for public, private, and hybrid cloud computing architectures. If an incident occurs inside an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, obtaining details behind the attack is more complex in the cloud than in physical environments. SecureWorks has the security experts to respond to incidents in the AWS cloud and to document forensic evidence. 
                Here are some of the benefits of our Cloud Incident Response Services:

                • Immediate investigation and remediation of a breach
                • Ability to capture forensic evidence for use in investigations
                • Reduced organizational risk based on recommendations 
                • Speed to contain and eradicate attacks and minimize damage

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