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                Background Investigations Case Study

                Keeping Cyber-Attacks at Bay

                Network vulnerability testing keeps client inquiry data secure while ensuring compliance with a major credit bureau and saving two months of IT time a year.

                For landlords, bad tenants can be nightmares. Evictions can cost them a lot of time and money. Meanwhile unwanted tenants can ruin their property, run off good tenants and rob them of months’ worth of rent. That’s why smart rental property owners turn to companies like Background Investigations for tenant screenings.

                Business Need:
                With just one IT security person, Background Investigations needed to ensure compliance with industry security standards without a huge burden of cost and time.

                The company easily complied with industry security requirements using SecureWorks Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment services, helping save two months a year in IT time.

                • Ensures network security by identifying vulnerabilities
                • Helps comply with strict EI3PA and PCI security standards
                • Saves two months of IT time each year
                • Provides a ready source of security expertise
                • Offers management peace of mind

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