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              Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™

              The Most Powerful Security Platform on the Planet

              The Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™ is our SaaS-based early-warning system that delivers insights and deploys countermeasures, derived from analytics and applied intelligence.

              SaaS-based platform that delivers rapid insights & accuracy, full visibility & accelerated response & orchestration

              Components of SecureWorks’ enterprise security platform: Analytics, Intelligence and Operations
              Today’s Enterprise Security Strategy Must be Future-Proof

              With global visibility across 4,400 client environments in more than 55 countries worldwide, the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform delivers the qualitative and quantitative, network-aware intelligence that helps our clients make educated, informed decisions in real-time. Each functional component of CTP - Analytics, Intelligence and Operations – works seamlessly, adding intelligence to automation, simplicity into orchestration, and confidence into recommendation.

              Vendor-neutral cyber security platform
              Secureworks Unifies Enterprise Security for Our Clients

              Secureworks unifies enterprise security by spanning the security ecosystem of products and vendors, thereby optimising your investments, and allowing you to utilise IT as a business driver. Our vendor-neutral approach enables you to enhance your existing IT security infrastructure and “best of breed” technologies with our solutions and capabilities. With this unique approach, you do not have to throw out your existing investments to leverage the power of the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform.


              Enterprise cyber security analytics platform

              The Analytics component of our CTP is where we apply our advanced analytics capabilities to help our clients cut through the noise, delivering unprecedented insights that help identify cyber threats as they occur.

              • Advanced correlation provides relevant context
              • Machine Learning drives rapid insights
              • Expert Systems deliver countermeasures
              Enterprise security intelligence platform

              Our Intelligence component is where we add expertise to our automated system. Our highly trained analysts and experts scour through thousands of information sources daily, to paint a picture of the threat actors and their tradecraft from across the globe, so that we can identify cyber threats as they emerge.

              • Identification of emerging threat tactics, techniques, and procedures
              • Development of countermeasures
              • Security orchestration and resolution
              SecureWorks Counter Threat Platform Global Security Operation Centers

              Our Operations component is where we deliver the power of the CTP to our clients through unified visibility and reporting, one-click command and control for continuous response, and instant access to the critical skills and expertise that our clients rely on.

              • Unified visibility and reporting
              • One-click command and control for continuous response
              • Instant access to critical skills and expertise

              Learn More About the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform

              VIDEO Secureworks Counter Threat Platform

              See how CTP helps clients see more, know more and take the right action

              Watch how Secureworks Counter Threat Platform combines machine learning with human intelligence to help detect valid threats to clients' data and devices.