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              Security Operations Center

              Secureworks' Managed Security Solutions are delivered from five resilient Security Operations Centers (SOCs). The SOCs integrate seamlessly to provide continuous operations, with all locations staffed and fully functional 24/7. State of the art video conferencing and voice communication technologies, as well as instant communication tools, enable tight collaboration between our certified team of Security Analysts, Senior Intrusion Analysts and Counter Threat Unit™ researchers.

              CTP Portal

              Australia SOC: 1800 760 854

              International: +1 (404) 235-1044


              Teraguard Portal

              Providence SOC: 1-888-456-3210


              Report a Vulnerability

              To protect businesses and organizations across the globe, it is critical that the broader community of IT and security professionals report vulnerabilities as soon as they are recognized.

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              Lifecycle Policy

              The Secureworks Lifecycle Policy is designed to ensure customers have appropriate hardware and firmware deployed at all times to enable Secureworks services.

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