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              Security Design & Architecture Assessments

              Identify gaps in your security infrastructure policies, architecture and controls that put your organisation’s critical assets at risk

              The Challenge:

              Security architecture is a cohesive design that addresses the potential risks involved in a certain scenario or environment that threat actors are likely to exploit. Whether motivated by the evolving threat landscape or meeting compliance mandates, identifying gaps in your security infrastructure policies, architecture and controls that put your organisation's critical assets at risk is essential. However, having the resources and expertise to objectively assess and prioritise opportunities for improvement is a challenge for most organisations.

              The Solution:

              Secureworks Security Design Assessments are a collection of services that focus on evaluating the effectiveness of different areas of network infrastructure controls and tools connectivity to protect critical assets. Secureworks consulting experts utilise industry standard best practices to discover and prioritise opportunities to remediate weaknesses and gaps in technical and operational controls, architecture and configurations that threat actors are likely to exploit. The result is a detailed report identifying the risks associated with topology, protocols, processes and security controls to remediate and improve overall security posture.

              Benefits of Security Design and Architecture Assessments:

              • Comprehensive analysis of security controls and architecture
              • Identifies and prioritises security architecture risks and the subsequent controls and remediation opportunities
              • Gain a complete view of security posture, supporting controls and infrastructure
              • Identifies security architecture design flaws typically discovered after a security breach
              • Compiles comprehensive security architecture assessment, design guidance, recommendations and mitigation roadmap

              Security Design Assessments

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