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                Penetration Testing

                Take a Proactive Approach to Improve Network Security by Learning How a Determined Attacker Might Gain Unauthorized Access to Your Environment

                A penetration test is also known as "ethical hacking." The only difference between a pen test and hacking is permission.

                There are many reasons to conduct penetration testing (pen tests) including looking for vulnerabilities automated software testing can't detect, assessing the potential impacts of an attack or meeting compliance requirements using a third-party vendor. Ideally, penetration testing shows how an attacker would gain access to your systems and delivers ways to better protect your assets.

                Secureworks Pen Testing attacks your network security defences to help your organisation identify vulnerabilities and improve your network security. We don't take a one-size-fits-all approach. We'll work with you to determine your level of network security sophistication and maturity and build a pen testing program based on your needs.

                We offer the following types of testing:

                • Vulnerability Assessment to validate your host configurations and get an accurate accounting of vulnerabilities in your environment that pose a real risk to your organisation.
                • Penetration Testing which goes further to help your organisation meet compliance requirements and shows how an attacker would gain unauthorised access to your environment by compromising your email systems, firewalls, routers, VPN tunnels, web servers and other devices.
                  • Penetration Test - provides network testing, validates your configuration and patch management,and identifies the steps you can take to improve security.
                  • Advanced Penetration Test - a more complete test that continues beyond a penetration test to identify methods that a hacker could use to gain full, persistent control of a system to use that system as a base for attacks deeper into your network.

                Key Benefits of Pen Testing:

                • Identify security risks: our security experts identify the information assets at risk
                • Identify test readiness: depending on your maturity, our penetration testing services help address your security
                • Meet compliance: experienced testers understand compliance requirements
                • Improve security: obtain a prioritised list of actionable items to address

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