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              Managed Security Services Integration

              Maximising Time to Value

              Secureworks Managed Security Services Integration (MSSi) portfolio is designed to assist clients in better preparing for and integrating their MSS Service(s) into their business processes in order to obtain maximum time to value.

              All MSSi services are performed by one or more expert security consultant(s) who seek to quickly understand the intricacies of your environment in order to optimise the integration and performance tuning of contracted services. Secureworks consultants serve as an extension of your team with full reach back into the Secureworks organisation as a subject matter expert on all managed security services and are part of a team dedicated to ensuring complete client satisfaction with onboarding and integration so you realise quicker time to value on your investment.

              Solutions at a Glance

              MSSi SmartStart

              MSSi Day One

              MSSi Plus


              Improve client readiness to implement managed security services and deliver a strategic project plan that presents solutions to existing problems and allows quick resolution

              Provides succinct and clear implementation expectations, operational optimisation, quality assurance and portal training to get the client up and running

              Provides integration above and beyond Day One to include customised reporting, escalation procedures and post implementation performance tuning for maximised time to value

              Included in MSS contracts?

              No, Available as an add-on

              Yes, Standard with all MSS services

              No, Available as an add-on

              Typical Client Size

              Small and Medium Business

              All Clients

              All Clients

              Can be performed onsite

              Can be performed remotely

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