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                Vulnerability Management

                Deploy a Vulnerability Management Team Using the Most Up-to-Date Knowledge Base

                Vulnerability management is a drain on your security team. Scans take too long, vulnerabilities detected are difficult to prioritize and new threat signatures are often not updated. This won’t be an issue when you gain continuous visibility with our expertise.

                Vulnerabilities within networks, web applications and databases emerge every day, caused by software defects and misconfigurations, opening the door to threat actors. Finding vulnerabilities relies on the accuracy of internal and external scan audits, both in on-premise and cloud environments. A managed security service provider staffed by certified security analysts removes the burden from your security team.

                Active, continuous scanning combined with guidance for remediation with risk and compliance reporting is a best practice and a critical component for detecting and responding to information security risk

                Applying dedicated analysts as a managed service brings value to organizations by:

                • Providing continuous visibility to your on premise and cloud environments
                • Freeing your security team to work on more strategic priorities
                • Satisfying compliance with regulations
                • Safeguarding your critical data

                Vulnerability Management Solutions

                Learn more about how Secureworks ensures complete client satisfaction and quicker time to value with onboarding and advanced integration services.

                Managed Security Services Integration

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