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                Advanced Endpoint Threat Prevention

                Protect your organisation with managed Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV)

                Dramatically reduce the effort required to prevent next generation threats that target your endpoints and protect your users no matter where or how they work.

                Traditional antivirus is not keeping up and you are challenged with an increasing number of alerts that must be validated and acted on before threat actors succeed in compromising your organisation. A Ponemon Institute report on The Cost of Insecure Endpoints shows that organisations see an average of 615 alerts per week, with only 277 deemed reliable and 115 that are investigated [1]. Reducing the risk to your organisation can be difficult, especially with limited skills and resources.

                NGAV technology has been purpose built to better address today’s evolving threat landscape, including ransomware, PowerShell, and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) threats. Instead of using easily bypassed signatures, NGAV takes a system-centric view to better identify and stop known and unknown threats. This technology can be used to replace or augment your traditional antivirus.

                [1] Ponemon Study: The Cost of Insecure Endpoints June, 2017, sponsored by Absolute Software

                Key Benefits

                Prevent threats and reduce risk

                Prevent what you can and know the risk of what you can’t prevent

                Gain time to focus on your business

                Eliminate time wasted on false positives and less critical events

                Use your limited resources wisely

                Defend faster with 24x7x365 management by our expert analysts

                Enhance business outcomes

                Reduce the business impact of cyber threats with automation

                AETP Cb Defense Datasheet
                DATASHEET Advanced Endpoint Threat Prevention

                AETP is Secureworks’ managed NGAV that leverages the Secureworks Counter Threat Platform™ and a team of expert analysts to reduce the noise and sift through massive amounts of data and alerts to identify what is truly important. You are notified of critical issues with detailed analysis of the threat and guidance to help you respond more effectively. Our team works with yours so you can see more, know more and defend faster.

                AETP Infographic
                The Silent Storm

                There’s a silent storm gathering strength in countless organisations and sometimes it feels like threat actors have the upper hand. You live this challenge every day and it can be overwhelming, especially when skills and resources are tough to find.

                • How endpoint threats affect your organisation
                • Why NGAV is more effective than traditional antivirus
                • How managed NGAV from Secureworks - Advanced Endpoint Threat Prevention - can help you weather the storm.

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