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              Endpoint Security

              Combine Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection, Endpoint Forensics and Endpoint Monitoring Capabilities to Protect Your Employees and Data

              With today's threat actors continuing to evolve their tradecraft by employing more advanced and evasive techniques targeting the endpoint, endpoint security is all about mitigating the risk and the potential reach of any intrusion.

              Endpoint security solutions typically include client and server security software designed to monitor and protect the entire network from threats targeting remote devices.

              Typical Endpoint Protection "Products"

              These often use application control, device control, data encryption, VPN, anti-malware, vulnerability shielding, anti-phishing and web protection. The idea behind conventional endpoint protection products is to harden endpoints and network access in order to prevent intrusion.

              There are opportunities to improve endpoint security, including:
              • Detecting advanced threats
              • Providing in-depth forensics data
              • Equally covering diverse types of servers
              • Providing people who can react quickly

              Higher Resolution Monitoring Bridges Your Endpoint Gaps

              Hardening endpoints and network access is of course prudent. However, with the evolving threat landscape, it is commonly accepted by the industry that intrusions are likely to occur despite preventative measures.

              Endpoint monitoring capabilities must go beyond perimeter intrusion detection. Effective endpoint security requires 24x7 visibility into the activities taking place on endpoints to detect potentially malicious activity as well as provide in depth endpoint forensics so investigators can determine how an attack unfolded once a breach has been detected.

              Endpoint Monitoring

              Knowing how and where in the environment the attack started, which systems were impacted, and whether data has been successfully exfiltrated provides the information to speed incident response and remediation.

              Good Offence is the Best Endpoint Defense

              In addition to preventative measures, Secureworks utilises decades of experience hunting advanced adversaries in our endpoint solutions. Other security companies with a history in making appliances or anti-malware cannot compete with the elite intelligence SecureWorks has been honing since 1999.

              Red Cloak is a tool developed by Secureworks over the years defending clients against targeted threats. Red Cloak is endpoint security software which detects malware signatures as well as behaviours characteristic to adversaries carrying out a mission to steal data.

              Endpoint Security Software

              Your strongest and last line of defense should be a perimeter around your servers. This is the jackpot of files hackers are trying to steal. With hybrid systems of physical, virtual, on premise and in the cloud, server endpoint monitoring is becoming more difficult. A breach in progress can be easily overlooked by perimeter defenses when threats move laterally between servers.

              Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection is a managed endpoint security service line using Red Cloak and endpoint monitoring that reduces time to detect a threat in your network or endpoints, and then reduces the effort to respond to those threats. It answers the problem of what to do if or when your preventative measures are breached.

              Benefits to Enterprise Organisations

              Secureworks endpoint threat detection and response security services help organisations:

              • Detect malware and other tradecraft a threat actor may use, as well as detect behaviours suggesting their presence in your environment
              • Reduce the response and detection time for attacks, and lower the effort and cost in fixing them
              • Gain greater context into the motives and identities of attackers, so new threats by them and others like them can be prevented

              Endpoint Security Solutions

              Learn more about how Secureworks ensures complete client satisfaction and quicker time to value with onboarding and advanced integration services.

              Managed Security Services Integration

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