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                Managed Detection and Response

                Bolster visibility, reduce noise and complexity, and accelerate defence

                Secureworks helps you eliminate your blind spots, cut through the noise and take the right action.

                The longer it takes you to detect and respond to threats, the higher the risk and costs to remediate. Gain visibility across your organisation, from endpoint to network and into the cloud, and widen your view of the threat landscape. By pinpointing malicious activity in a sea of alerts, we help your security team focus on what’s important to your business with peace of mind that you aren’t missing the “big one”.

                Our experts identify the full scope of a threat and how to eradicate the breach, not just the initial symptoms. With Secureworks’ expert resources and sophisticated tools on your side, you’ll have the perspective you need to decide what needs your attention first and which action is the right one to take.

                Six reasons to choose our MDR solution

                1. Detect more advanced threats on your endpoints.
                2. Reinforced with Secureworks Intellectual Property.
                3. Benefit from the Network Effect based on managing security for more than 4,400 clients worldwide.
                4. Leverage a pedigreed Incident Response team with broad experience and capabilities.
                5. Gain insights with impactful Threat Intelligence.
                6. Secureworks is not just another MDR provider. We incorporate our Intellectual Property that is developed and maintained to ensure it remains current and satisfies the needs of our top analysts and researchers.

                Solution Components

                MDR Solutions Brief
                SOLUTION BRIEF Protect, Detect and Respond to Advanced Threats

                Secureworks MDR solution combines several foundational network, endpoint and Incident Response services to form a comprehensive security offering, providing strong detection and prevention across your organisation.

                Solutions - Detect Threats Earlier
                WHITE PAPER Break the Kill Chain Earlier to Reduce Remediation Costs

                The further along the chain that a threat actor gets, the more difficult and expensive it is to defeat them. The key to breaking the kill chain is to hit it as early as possible, before costs begin to rise.

                VIDEO Increase Visibility Across Your Entire IT Environment

                The earlier you detect a threat that has penetrated your security defences, the lower your risk is of experiencing a data breach. You need the earliest possible warning of a compromise, which requires eliminating your blind spots and increasing your visibility across your entire IT environment.

                VIDEO Meet the Experts - Justin Turner

                Meet Secureworks’ Director of the Counter Threat Unit Special Operations team, Justin Turner. Justin leads a collection of the industry’s best security researchers hunting for threat actors in client networks. His team coaches clients on the necessary steps to gain maximum visibility of their network.

                WEBCAST Seeing the Unseen – Detecting the Advanced Persistent Threat

                Justin Turner, Director of the Targeted Threat Hunting & Response Team, shares insights from hunting engagements and provides recommendations on how to identify attacker presence leveraging threat intelligence.

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