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                Incident Management Retainer

                Minimise the Duration and Impact of a Cyber Security Breach

                The Secureworks Incident Response Management Retainer guarantees fast availability of our elite Incident Response and Management team to contain, mitigate and help you recover from a security breach.

                When your organisation is under a cyberattack, rapid and thorough incident response is essential to minimising the threat and safeguarding your critical systems and data. Time compounds the problem and any delay or inefficiency will only increase the damage and losses from a security breach.

                Through the Secureworks Incident Response Retainer service, our security experts provide Emergency Incident Response Services within minutes of a reported network security breach. We reduce your time to respond to an incident and improve the overall effectiveness of your response. Our experts work to contain the breach, mitigate the threat and protect your assets. As a result, we minimise the duration and impact to your organisation from an active cyber security breach.

                Whether you realise an attack has occurred or an alert has been sent, experienced investigators can quickly be reached to immediately to begin assessing the compromise that is targeting your organisation. Our well-trained investigators will begin with a remote assessment to quickly provide direction on how to best contain and mitigate the attack.

                During an investigation, our Incident Response Management consultants share your sense of urgency and will help you weather the storm. They will help you understand the nature of the incident, communicate to appropriate stakeholders and provide clarity and guidance on the actions that are needed following industry best practices to recover from a security breach.

                After the immediate threat of an incident has been mitigated, focus shifts to eradicating all traces of the threat and recovering your impacted systems. Proper and thorough eradication is essential - companies often believe an incident is resolved, only to find themselves responding to the same incident again days later because of incomplete eradication. The risk of recurring incidents can be reduced significantly by understanding the latest mechanisms and techniques used by attackers to remain entrenched and undetected in your network and system.

                After a cyberattack, the investigator will provide you with post-incident reporting and analysis with priorities identified to appropriate leadership. Unused hours can be spent toward validating existing incident response plans or additional response training and exercises.

                With SecureWorks Incident Response Management Retainer, you can:

                • Minimise the duration and impact of a cybersecurity breach
                • Guarantee availability of Incident Response security consultants during a crisis
                • Get immediate response from Incident Response Management experts when a security breach occurs
                • Have IT security consultants onsite in as little as 36 hours
                • Eliminate costly delays due to procurement processes and required contract approvals

                Key Benefits of our Incident Management services:

                • Fast remediation: minimises the duration and impact of a security breach
                • Guaranteed availability: guaranteed availability of consultants during a crisis
                • Reduces cost: eliminates costly delays with pre-arranged contracts

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