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              Emergency Incident Response

              Contain and Mitigate Advanced Threats With the Latest Threat Intelligence

              You want feet on the street when a security incident occurs. Our expert investigators work to minimize the duration and impact of a breach. They are prepared to use a variety of tools from Incident Surveillance to Digital Forensic Analysis to eradicate threats.

              The risk of a cyberattack cannot be eliminated, even for the most security-savvy of organizations. In addition to steps taken to predict and prevent attacks, you must also be able to detect and quickly respond to security incidents. When a breach happens, well-prepared organizations are able to minimize business disruption, financial impact, regulatory consequences, data loss, and recovery time.

              Our Emergency Incident Response Service provides investigative experts who are available remotely to begin a risk assessment and to put together the best approach to contain the event. Various services in combination may be used to ensure complete eradication of the threat actors. Upon containment and mitigation, key findings will be delivered to decision makers with guidance for legal and regulatory resolution.

              Emergency Incident Response Solutions

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