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                Amazon Web Services

                Security concerns prevent organizations from realizing full Amazon Web Services cloud security cloud benefits

                The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is a shared responsibility: they protect their own infrastructure and organizations like yours must secure your data and critical assets.

                Amazon Web Services has implemented the people, processes and technologies to secure their infrastructure and protect their assets. Organizations may not realize that they have the responsibility of protecting their data and intellectual property in order to reduce the risk of threats and remain compliant.

                Organizations of all sizes and industries are evaluating a move to the cloud using Amazon Web Services or have moved test environments to AWS but are assessing security implications before the next phase of mission-critical cloud programs.

                You may find that your organization lacks cloud security expertise or perhaps you want to improve insights and compliance with expert guidance. Our AWS cloud security experts can help you understand the impact of cloud adoption on your IT infrastructure and integrate cloud controls into your security environment.

                Take advantage of the expertise of our cloud security advisors who provide intelligence-driven solutions to help your security teams:

                • Secure valuable data and intellectual property in the cloud
                • Provide consistent protection anytime and anywhere
                • Reduce management and monitoring burdens
                • Optimize cloud security investments to enhance ROI

                Engage our team of cloud experts to ensure that you build in security up front for your Amazon Web Services cloud deployment and close any unintended security gaps.

                AWS Cloud Security Key Benefits:

                • Enhance cloud confidence: plan and design cloud computing with cloud security experts
                • Optimize cloud security: increase agility with cloud technology and best practices
                • Reduce cloud risks: secure mission-critical data and thwart cyberattacks in the cloud
                • Secure apps anywhere: apply consistent protection on premises and in the cloud

                Amazon Web Services Cloud Security Solutions

                Reduce risks in the Amazon Web Services cloud with our cloud security expertise.

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