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              Cyber Risk Insurance

              Secureworks provides a wide range of security services to law firms, and their clients

              A layered security approach is the best defense against a cyberattack. Minimize your clients’ financial losses and company downtime by partnering with Secureworks and offering an Incident Management solution as part of their cyber-insurance policy. Help them limit exposure and get back to their core business.

              Secureworks has the experience, reach and certifications to bring credibility to any Cyber Risk partnership. Secureworks experts will help your clients understand the nature of the incident, help them communicate to appropriate stakeholders and provide clarity and guidance on actions needed to recover from a security breach.

              You are the first call your clients make when a cybersecurity breach occurs – keep them one step ahead with Secureworks’ Incident Management solutions. Implementing a proactive security strategy will limit your client’s exposure to threat actors, minimize the duration and impact of an incident, and bolster their ability to respond quickly to a security incident. Walk them through real-world exercises implementing best practices along the way, improve readiness, reduce response time, and minimize the impact of a Security Breach.

              Secureworks provides a wide range of security services to help your clients both prior to, during and after a breach. Offer your customers an opportunity to make informed decisions that minimize costs and impact by having proactive measures in place.

              Our worldwide services organization offers an inclusive pre-breach services offering such as:

              • Managed/Monitored Firewall/IDS
              • Log Management
              • General Risk and Consulting
              • Endpoint and Malware detection
              • Vulnerability Assessment
              • Incident Response Plan Development/Review

              As well as post breach forensics services, including:

              • Security Architecture Review
              • Targeted Threat Hunting
              • Information Security Gap Assessment
              • Endpoint & Malware Detection

              Applying for our program is easy - complete the Become a Secureworks Partner application here. After we review your application, we'll contact you to discuss a potential partnership.

              Apply to Become A Secureworks Partner

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